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Features & Benefits of Our Web Design Work

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The appeal of AnthroSites’ web management systems lies in their combined power and simplicity. On the one hand, they are solid, fully featured, and extensible. On the other hand, they are easy to use after we have installed, customized, and developed them according to your specs. We get beginners up to speed on how to administer their own websites, post new articles  and add other content. We’ll work with you as long as needed.

We make it a point to go above and beyond just designing great looking websites and take things to the next level. We add social media sharing so your visitors can add links to your articles to their social networks. We also create a homepage that provides an insight into all the crucial must-see elements of your business. After all, this is a collaborative project – between you & us. Let’s discuss how to get things rolling!

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Merits & Features of the Websites we Develop


Powerful web platform

Content Management System

Whether it is a blog, community website, eCommerce web store, business site or feature-rich eMagazine, we provide a solid, fully-featured and extensible CMS that powers your website. For most websites, this means using WordPress, our specialty.

Social media sharing


We add social media to your site. The Web is all about sharing and working together as a whole, and so to be effective & get people talking about your site, social network sharing is an important element to have for most websites.

Google optimization


Search engine optimization (SEO) improves the visibility of your site on major search engines. The more effective the SEO, the higher up the search results your site will be. We build your site with SEO in mind & can work to keep you up top.



Browser compatibility

Browser compatibility

The sites we design are compatible with all major Internet browsers. It’s important that your website performs well and looks good no matter what browser or operating system is being used to view it.

Blog and news updates

Blog and news updates

We can add a fluid and interactive blog to your website. Blogs are used to publish articles or posts on various topics, ranging from social issues to Internet marketing to health and personal development.

Internal site search

Internal site search

If your website is content rich or will grow in content over time, it’s important your readers are provided with the opportunity to search for a particular post, topic, or word they are looking for.



Image gallery

Image gallery

Images are compelling, either as standalone images or in a nice gallery to illustrate a point you are making. Presenting images well on your site can instantly give it a professional appearance that sets it apart. Pictures paint a thousand words.

Video & audio

Video & audio

Adding embedded YouTube or Vimeo videos to your site, animated info graphics or an audio player to deliver music will keep your readers engaged; and is a powerful way to convey your service, aspirations and ideas.

Comment system

Comment system

A comment system allows other people to interact with your content in the form of writing comments in response to whatever you publish. When readers join the conversation, your site becomes interactive – and engaging; exactly what you want.



Website security

Each year, the number of trojans, worms and viruses steadily increases. We provide you with website security that protects and safeguards your site from malware and hacker activities.

Digital forms

Forms are a vital part of website communications. At their most basic, they are the next step up from an email address. They can also be a great tool for gathering data & making connections.

Quick loading time

We are careful to ensure that your website will load quickly and cleanly once a visitor arrives. It not only gives a positive user experience but also contributes towards higher search engine rankings.



Spam catcher

Spam is all too common. We install an excellent spam catcher to your site that identifies and blocks comment and trackback spam on your blog. It will even automatically delete spam that may have been added to your post.

RSS feed

RSS feeds can be an important attribute to your site. It allows your readers to subscribe to your updates. Every time a new article or post is added to your site, your subscriber gets a copy of it sent to his or her email box or reader.


Give visitors and search engines a complete view of your website using a sitemap. Since Bing, Yahoo, and Google use the same protocol, a sitemap is the best insurance for getting a search engine to learn about your entire site.



Other web solutions we offer


Web shop

We provide an elegant storefront for those looking to sell products online. Our web shop solution is easy to configure, and offers integration options with some of the most popular payment gateways. Take your website from static brochure to interactive online shop!


A forum is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations. Our forum is fully scalable whether your site membership numbers in the tens or the thousands. Through its powerful and flexible permissions system it is suitable for both private and public forums.


We ensure visitors using smartphones can see your site perfectly. An increasing number of people are accessing the internet on their mobile phones. It is therefore important that your website is fully responsive to the small screens of your smartphone viewers.



Email newsletters

AnthroSites helps you design email newsletters, share them on social networks, integrate with services you already use, and track your results. It’s like your own personal publishing platform. Email newsletters are a simple and cost effective way to generate revenue.

Email lists

Email campaigns are a powerful marketing tool. We’ll help you collect email addresses from your readers and customize your signup form, so you can share it on your website and integrate it into your Facebook page. A substantial email list is a key factor in online marketing.

Web analytics

Web analytics is a powerful tool for measuring web traffic and can be used to assess and improve the effectiveness of your site. Web analytics applications help companies measure the results of their advertising campaigns and show what content is most popular with your readers.



Web hosting

We provide web hosting services that include unlimited domain hosting, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, and a free domain name for the first year. We utilize the latest technology to insure maximum uptime and website speed.

Domain Naming

We will not only provide you with a domain if needed but also help you in selecting a great domain name. It should be as short as possible, unique, and easy to type, easy to remember and set yourself apart with your brand and particular service.

Security backup

Backing up your website is an undeniable chore, and one that never seems worth it until the moment when it is needed. We make regular backups of your site to keep it safe and to avoid losing your data, every website owner’s worst nightmare.




For a small monthly fee we can provide you with your own personal webmaster that is responsible for maintaining your website. Content placement is part of a webmaster’s duties. The webmaster will add new content; e.g. text and pictures to your website on a regular basis.

Specialized SEO

It is paramount that visitors can find your site via the Web’s search engines. All our websites come with basic SEO. In some cases, however, a more rigorous program is needed. We have been helping our clients’ websites succeed for 20 years – talk to us about this.

Internet marketing

We manage Pay Per Click (PPC) programs. We primarily use Facebook Ads and Google Adwords as they generate the most cost-effective results. We are a certified Google Adwords Professional. These programs can provide you with additional traffic literally within hours.


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