Essential Website Attributes

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Essential attributes of all websites we design


WordPress, Drupal ISAC

Web management system

We provide you with a solid, fully featured, and extensible Content Management System that powers your website and is tailored to your needs and specifications. Whether it is a blog, community website, eCommerce web store, business site, or feature-rich eMagazine.


Search engine optimization

SEO – or search engine optimization – helps to improve the visibility of your site on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. The more effective your SEO terms, the higher up the search ranking your site will go. We ensure visitors can find your site via the Web’s search engines.


Social media sharing

Websites don´t operate in isolation. Social networks are very popular and increasingly important to online businesses. The Internet is all about sharing and liking and working together as a whole; to be effective and get people talking about your website, it is crucial to get involved. We integrate social media into your site.


Image gallery

Images are very important to a website. They are an easy way to add content and can be compelling, either as standalone images or to illustrate a point you are making. Presenting images well on your site can instantly give it a professional appearance that can set your site apart.


Video & audio installations

Multimedia on the web is sound, music, videos, and animations. Adding embedded YouTube or Vimeo videos to your site, animated info graphics or audio players to deliver music will keep your readers engaged, and is a powerful way to convey your service, aspirations and ideas.

Blogg- og fréttakerfi


Blogs are the most popular type of website on the Internet. Blogs are used to publish content on various topics, ranging from social issues to Internet marketing to personal development. Blogs are fluid and interactive. They are said to entice approximately 55% more visitors than static websites.

Rafræn form

Digital forms

Forms are a vital part of the website communication process. In their most basic usage, they are the next step up from an email address. They can also be a great tool for data gathering. Contact forms instill confidence in the person or company behind the site.

Samræmt vefútlit

Browser compatibility

We insure that all of the websites we design are compatible with the most popular Internet browsers; i.e., Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, etc. It’s important that your website performs well and looks the same for everyone who visits, no matter the browser or operating system being used.

Innri leitarvél

Internal site search

If your website is content rich or will grow in content over time it is important your readers are provided with the opportunity to search for a particular post or information they are looking for. We create an internal site search engine for that purpose.


Comment system

A comment system allows other people to interact with your content by writing comments in response to whatever you publish. When other people join the conversation you could end up with exciting collection of thoughts from people all over the world. A very good thing, for many reasons.

Öflugar vefsíðuvarnir

Website security

Each year, the number of Trojans, worms, and viruses steadily increases. We provide you with website security that protects and safeguards your site from malware and hacker activities. We also add a spam catcher and CAPTCHA to your contact form to prevent automated spamming.

Prentvæn útgáfa

Printable version

Have you ever had the frustrating experience of wanting to print out an article from the web, and spending a lot of ink printing out content that has nothing to do with the material you want to read? We make sure your website is printer-friendly.

Insure viewer’s confidence in your enterprise
and improve your site’s user experience


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