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The story behind AnthroSites


Some years ago, never mind how long precisely, a number of web developers, designers, and consultants were discussing our work together online, when we realized we wanted to make more of an impact, have more control of our work, and manage our business more meaningfully. Many felt frustrated designing high quality sites, marketing plans, and media strategies for corporations, institutions, and businesses that were having negative effects on society and not contributing positive solutions to the problems we all face as global citizens today.

One reported feeling guilty about using her education, skills, and creative talent to design a campaign for food products she knew to be unhealthy. Another felt no connection to a client in finance. We also noticed that many individuals, value-based enterprises, groups and networks in the arts, businesses, educational groups, and other worthy organizations, had either no websites at all or outdated ones that didn’t comply with modern design; thus their sites were not being promoted and exposed to the degree that they deserved, simply due to a lack of technical prowess.

“So why don’t we establish our own company, choose our own clients, and support individuals and business that improve the quality of life, and actually sustain our planet?” one suggested. And so several of us did just that. We created a network of professionals all over the world. This team came to evolve over time, and is changing still. Our current team contributes as they can, and takes on projects that they have an affinity with, as well as those that are relevant to their interests and skills. We find this an exciting, fulfilling, and liberating way to work.


logo112AnthroSites is a worldwide network in which people of different backgrounds, nationalities, cultures, and belief systems commit to working together, respecting their differences, and collaborating to create value for their clients and for each other.

Many of our colleagues are based in different parts of Thailand, including our management and admin, while other team members are located in the UK, Denmark, Iceland, the US, China, and from time to time, other countries. We are basically non-localized and can work with clients throughout the world.

For the sake of instilling a culture of commitment in our working relationships, and producing value for ourselves, our families, our communities, and the world as a whole we focus on serving customers that are socially responsible and contribute to the quality of life. We look forward to working with you.


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