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The critical element of "stickiness"


An immediately engaging & relevant look


Websites we design are meant to grab attention! They are well-constructed, imaginative, and creative, while fulfilling a more functional purpose at the same time, relaying a chosen message to a target audience.

Whatever the message, choosing the right look for your objective will ensure that the content is presented in just the right light. Our three pillars of design are:

Emotional design

Some websites are more exciting than others, and this experience of excitement is something we strive for. We design for a ‘wow-experience’ that elicits a combination of fascination, pleasant surprise, and desire.

Clean source code

We use verified architecture, the latest technology, and coding best practices. Valid XHTML, secure PHP, SEO optimization and clean, minimal stylesheets are important building blocks of all the websites we develop.

Latest methodology

Web design and search engine algorithms are constantly changing. We make sure to design an interface that is perfectly matched with your content. Clean & simple on the surface; laser-focused in the code.


Web 2.0 design style

Web 2.0 design is focused, clean, and simple. The main goal is to communicate the relevant information, not just decorate.

The main features are bold logo, central layout, 2 columns, separate top section, large footer, strong colors, gradients, and general simplicity in presentation.

Mobile-site friendly

mobile-site friendly

Smart phones clearly have smaller screens and require a different kind of interaction. Users aren’t going to be working with mouse and keyboard.

Any interaction elements need to be large enough and you want to make sure that your site is light so readers can get to the content quickly.

Google optimized

A professional website design is what our clients order, but an effective platform, increased commerce and digital visibility is usually the goal.

Search engines like Google are not to be ignored. We make Search Engine Optimization (SEO) part and parcel of all our web design.



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