Team AnthroSites
Nong Khai, Udon Thani, & Beyond

Our Dedicated Team of Digital Experts - Nong Khai, Udon Thani, & Beyond

Bunyang Petry
  • Administration 85%
  • Budget 75%
  • Planning 60%
  • Communication 80%

Bunyang Petry

Project Manager, Administration

Bunyang, or Young as she is usually called, manages AnthroSites’ Administration and our business operations in Southeast-Asia. Her key focus until now has been Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. These countries have made great economic progress in the past decade, personal computer (PC) penetration has continued to rise, and a rapidly growing youth population, with a high disposable income, has been driving significant demand for mobile services. Young coordinates all aspects of our office, and generally keeps everyone focused, in line, and on message.

Sigurfreyr Jónasson
  • WordPress 90%
  • PHP 60%
  • XHTML 85%
  • CSS 75%

Sigurfreyr Jónasson

WordPress, Web Design, XHTML

Sigurfreyr Jónasson, “Ziggy” to us, directs our Web Design Team. In 1991 he graduated as a System Analyst and worked for several years as a Lotus Notes Programmer and Notes administrator. He assisted in major IT-projects; e.g. developing internet solutions in Lotus Notes. Ziggy has more than 10 year experience as a freelance journalist. He has published numerous articles on the Web, on topics such as psychology, pedagogy, judicial matters, history, mysticism, drug policy, and the drug war. He is the author of four books and has written articles for all major newspapers and magazines in Iceland. In 2011 Ziggy graduated as a Multimedia Designer from Nordic Multimedia Academy (NoMA) in Kolding, Denmark. His studies here consisted of web coding, communication, design, and business. His main duties for AnthroSites have been web design in WordPress, social media marketing, HTML email campaigns, copywriting and editing. He’s been a driving force with us for years.

Jeff Petry
  • Website Promotion 85%
  • Google Adwords 80%
  • Google Analytics 85%
  • Content Creation 90%

Jeff Petry

Content Creation, Analytics, & Management

Dr. Jeff Petry is the head of AnthroSites’ Search Engine Optimization Team. Since 1997, he has been Managing Director of AnthroSites designing, managing, and promoting websites. Jeff has over 15 years’ experience in SEO, and knows all aspects of online marketing. He started when SEO was an entirely new field and has stayed abreast of all the latest developments and strategies along the way. His expertise include Search Engine Marketing (SEM) — specializing in Google AdWords in conjunction with Google Analytics; and Social Media Marketing (SMM). Jeff is an accomplished copywriter and editor drawing from his extensive experience as a researcher, freelance correspondent, journalist, anthropologist, and writer. He received his Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from Rice University, Houston, Texas, U.S.A. All his websites are built with culture in mind.

  • PHP 85%
  • MySQL 80%
  • Javascript 75%
  • CSS 85%


Programmer, Translator

Yui is our web programmer and has expertise in PHP, Javascript, CSS, MySQL, and HTML. She previously worked for a training company as a PHP programmer for 7 years. She created many in-house projects such as HR web applications that record all employees’ profiles, leave history, salary, and communicate between management and employees, customer database, sales history web applications, and online training tests for clients. She has worked with us for many years now and is the go-to person for troubleshooting code and CMS problems.

Li Yang
  • Website Security 90%
  • Social Media 75%
  • WordPress 70%
  • Firewall 80%

Li Yang

Frontend Developer, Website Security

Li Yang lives in Beijing, China and manages our International Social Media Team. He is a skilled web designer developing sites mainly in WordPress and Drupal. Li Yang is also responsible for our client’s web security. Online scams, viruses, worms and Trojans can not only put your website and computer at risk, but also your privacy, identity, and money. The number of malware and hacker activities increases each year’s so we take measures that safeguard your website or blog very seriously. Li Yang has studied different methods used for hacking and site penetrations, virus attacks, credit card fraud, charge backs and phishing (the practice of trying to trick someone into giving their secret bank information). Data protection with regular backup in order to prevent loss of data, programs and software is also an important part of webmasters duties. Li Yang received Academy Professional Degree in Marketing Management from International Business College in Kolding, Denmark in 2011.

Ejvind Amorsen
  • PHP 90%
  • Javascript 70%
  • MySQL 85%
  • XHTML 75%

Ejvind Amorsen

Backend Developer, Programmer

Ejvind Amorsen is a highly-accomplished software developer, and creator of the licensed Content Management System (CMS) ISAC®. ISAC is extremely easy to implement, maintain, and update with new content, but at the same time impressively versatile and flexible. ISAC is an ideal web management system for individuals, institutions and organizations that need to update their site content on a regular basis, and want to manage that by themselves quickly and easily. ISAC is a popular CMS with churches and also favored by small and medium size firms. ISAC equips you with modern and classical designed layouts, photo galleries, event calendars, Word-like text editor, media options, visit statistics, and other important features.